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MAC10 Fan filter Unit from Cotmore Consultants


MAC 10 Fan Filter Unit


With its low profile and low noise level the Envirco** MAC 10 fan filter unit is the best value available worldwide.


 The self-powered, self-contained MAC 10 unit is a modular design, allowing the unit to fit into a standard T-bar ceiling grid system. The standard sizes available are:

  • 1185mm x 585mm                (to fit European metric grid system)
  • 585mm x 585mm                  (to fit European metric grid system)
  • 2’ x 4’ (600mm x 1210mm)  (to fit imperial grid system)


 All units are rated at 220-240V, 50Hz, 1Ph and are CE marked.


The MAC 10 unit is manufactured in two formats, the MAC 10 XL and the MAC 10 IQ. The MAC 10 XL uses the patented VE5 baffling technology that gives a uniform airflow across the filter face and attenuates sound for the lowest noise level in the industry (< 51dB(A) with HEPA).


The MAC 10 XL is fitted with a HEPA filter as standard (99.99% against 0.3µm), but can be supplied with a ULPA (99.995% against 0.12µm) for extra cleanliness. Also fitted as standard is a low / medium / high speed control, an optional variable speed controller is also available, which saves energy and extends the filter life.


The MAC 10 IQ is identical to the MAC 10 XL but with the addition of a microcomputer controlled self-regulating fan motor. This means that the fan dynamically adjusts itself to maintain the set air levels constantly and consistently, this greatly reduces the need for future balancing. As an optional extra an infrared speed controller is available, this hand held controller allows room side remote speed control.


The total height of the complete MAC 10 XL unit is approximately 320mm and the total height of the MAC 10 IQ is approximately 365mm.


Due to the aluminium construction of the MAC 10 the total weight of the unit, is less than 29kgs, the combination of this feature and the compact size means that the unit is easy to install, even in confined spaces.


Using the MAC 10 fan filter technology Cotmore Consultants can provide laminar flow benches & enclosures to customer requirements.


* Cotmore Consultants are the UK distributor for the Envirco products.